Yaisiel Torres

Alpharetta, GA

He is an experienced software developer. A great pursuer of good design and implementation practices, who does not hesitate when its time to bend some rules (and have fun at it). This have granted him the opportunity to work in many IT (Big Data, and Web Development) and research (Bioinformatics) oriented projects, earning along the way the recognition of his peers and invaluable knowledge.

Yaisiel has a special fascination with the way nature resolves very complex "computational" problems, with the use of simple yet elegant solutions. He would love to exploit them in the near future for the advancement of engineering and science.

In other [less fancy] words, Yaisiel Torres is also a geek, music fan, gamer, and a startup enthusiast. A seeker of knowledge and, most importantly, its sharing. There's no use for the former if it's not shared!

[Art by Edwin Vazquez - exvazquez@gmail.com]

  • Work
    • Verizon Wireless
  • Education
    • University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez